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Wheel brake cylinder

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The brakes are not working well. It’s time to replace the brake cylinder. Small cars rely on the vacuum formed by the engine to push the diaphragm (cup) of the master cylinder, and then squeeze the hydraulic oil to push the caliper piston. The truck relies on the diaphragm in the brake cylinder driven by compressed air pressure to push the push rod. The most common type on trucks is the dual-chamber brake chamber, and its standard name is the energy-storage spring brake chamber. This air chamber combines the two functions of service brake and parking brake, and is widely used on drive shafts and trailer shafts. Although the brake media of the two are different, they have similarities in terms of structural form. The structure of the truck's brake cylinder is similar to the brake master cylinder of a small car-all rely on air pressure (vacuum) to push the diaphragm in the pump to generate thrust.It can be seen from the planing view of the dual-chamber brake air chamber above that the dual-chamber brake air chamber has two air ports, which are respectively connected to the driving chamber and the parking chamber.Here, everyone only needs to remember that the service brake is a "ventilated brake" and the parking brake is a "cut off brake." It is matched with the springs inside the driving cavity and the parking cavity. Service brake For example, during service braking, air enters the service brake chamber, pushes the diaphragm, squeezes the spring, and brakes the vehicle. Parking brake When parking brake, the air in the parking cavity is discharged, and the push rod is pushed by the internal spring to realize the parking brake.  

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