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We can supply most of the Chinese brand proximity switch, XCMG concrete pump proximity switch, XCMG 37meters HB37 concrete pump proximity switch, XCMG Hb39k 39m Truck Mounted Concrete proximity switch, XCMG Hb41 Hb41A 41m Truck Mounted Concrete Pump proximity switch, XCMG Hb43k 43m Concrete Pump Truck proximity switch, Hb46A 46m Truck Mounted Concrete proximity switch, XCMG Hb48b 48m Truck Mounted Concrete Pump proximity switch SANY 37m concrete pump proximity switch, SANY43m concrete pump proximity switch, SANY52m concrete pump proximity switch Zoomlion 56X-6RZ 56m concrete pump proximity switch, Zoomlion 23X-4Z 23m concrete pump proximity switch etc

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proximity switch

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The high-pressure-resistant proximity switch's excellent high-pressure endurance and long detection distance ensure the rapid and reliable electrical commutation of the hydraulic cylinder piston on the concrete pump truck. The excellent work of every pump truck is inseparable from the hydraulic cylinder, the heart of the concrete pump truck. Whether the electric reversal of the cylinder piston is fast and reliable has become the key to the continuous and stable work of the pump truck. The high-pressure proximity switch can not only withstand a continuous pressure of 50 MPa (500 Bar) for a long time, but also can withstand an instantaneous pressure of 80 MPa, so it can easily meet the pressure of 35 MPa in the cylinder. The unique end face sealing feature can reliably ensure the sealing of the hydraulic oil, and at the same time can simply and effectively control the installation depth of the sensor head. The ultra-long detection distance of 3mm not only ensures the accurate detection of the piston position, thereby realizing fast and reliable electrical commutation, but also greatly reduces the requirements for machining accuracy at the installation site. The high pressure sensor has an average withstand voltage of 500bar, a peak withstand voltage of up to 800bar, and an induction head's cycle withstand voltage up to 1,000,000 times. While easily meeting the needs of use, the frequency of replacement and maintenance can be greatly reduced, and the long-term stability of the pump truck can be improved. The precise detection brought by the ultra-long detection distance makes the electrical commutation of the piston faster and more reliable, which effectively improves the working efficiency of the pump truck.

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