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We can supply most of the Chinese brand discharge port, XCMG concrete pump discharge port , XCMG 37meters HB37 concrete pump discharge port , XCMG Hb39k 39m Truck Mounted Concrete discharge port , XCMG Hb41 Hb41A 41m Truck Mounted Concrete Pump discharge port , XCMG Hb43k 43m Concrete Pump Truck discharge port , Hb46A 46m Truck Mounted Concrete discharge port , XCMG Hb48b 48m Truck Mounted Concrete Pump discharge port SANY 37m concrete pump discharge port , SANY43m concrete pump discharge port , SANY52m concrete pump discharge port Zoomlion 56X-6RZ 56m concrete pump discharge port , Zoomlion 23X-4Z 23m concrete pump discharge port etc

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discharge port

Because there are many kinds of spare parts, we can't display them all on the website. Please feel free to contact us for specific ones Advantage 1. We supply both original and aftermarket products for you 2. From the manufacturer to the customer directly, saving your cost 3. Stable stock for normal parts 4. In Time Delivery Time, with competitive shipping cost 5. Professional and on time after service


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How to correctly judge if the discharge port is blocked In the normal construction process, if the discharge port is suddenly blocked, it can be judged by the following phenomena: The concrete feeding of the concrete pump stops running and is accompanied by obvious sound changes and violent vibrations. At this time, the concrete pump is conveying There is no vibration in the pipeline. If the staff finds the above phenomenon, then they can draw a definite conclusion: the discharge port is blocked. How to deal with the discharge port being blocked by concrete Once the concrete pump is blocked, the operator can immediately take the following measures to restore the pump to its normal state: quickly fill the hopper with cement slurry, then jog to control the reverse operation of the concrete pump, and then electrically control the forward operation of the concrete pump. Repeat several times until the pipeline is unblocked. If the pipeline is still not unblocked at this time, the worker can disassemble the outlet connecting pipe, remove the debris that blocks the pipeline, restore the pipeline, and finally start the concrete pump. When the staff inspects the pump in operation, they can check the size of the load by looking at the motor current of the concrete pump. As the load of the concrete pump increases, the motor current will increase. As the load decreases, the motor current will decrease. The change of the motor current is a true reflection of the load change of the concrete pump, and it is very simple and effective to check.

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