Chinese Rotary Drilling Rig Drilling Machine

XCMG XR180D Rotary Drilling Rig widely used in boring operation of bored concrete pile in foundation engineering of highway, railways, bridges, ports, docks and high-rise buildings.

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Rotary drilling rig is a construction technology suitable for hole-forming operations in building foundation engineering. Widely used in municipal construction, highway bridges, high-rise buildings and other foundation construction projects, with different drilling tools, suitable for dry (short spiral), or wet (rotary bucket) and rock (core drilling) drilling operations. XCMG XR180D rotary drilling rig
  1. Hydraulic telescopic (TDP series) track chassis and large diameter of slewing bearing which is special for rotary drilling rig is used, and meets super strong stability and convenience of transportation.
  2. The original imported electronic-controlled turbocharged engine is used with strong power, and the emission meets North America Tier 4 Final, Europe stageⅣ emission standard.
  3. German hydraulic system is used, and for which the positive flow control, load sensing control and power limit control is used to make the hydraulic system more energy efficient.
  4. Single row of rope and master winch is used to solve effectively the wear issue of steel wire rope and increase effectively the service life of steel wire rope; and the master winch is provided with drilling depth detector, and the single row of rope makes the depth detection more accurate.5. Anti-noise cab with FOPS function, adjustable seat, air conditioner, interior and exterior lights, windshield wiper with water spray function. Control console with various instruments and handles, color LCD with powerful function.


Description Unit Parameter value
Max. drilling diameter mm 1800
Max. drilling depth m standard configuration
(5-section friction Kelly bar)46
optional configuration
(4-section-locking Kelly bar)
Allowable luffing scope (from center of drill rod to slewing center) mm 3560~3900
Drilling rig dimension in working condition (L*W*H) mm 8350*4200*20480
Drilling rig dimension in transport condition (L*W*H) mm 14255*3000*3455
Weight of overall unit (standard configuration, excluding drilling tool) t 58
Engine Model QSB6.7
Rated power/speed kW 194/(2200r/min)
Max. working pressure of hydraulic system MPa 35
Rotary drive Max. torque kN.m 180
Rotational speed r/min 7~27
Crowd cylinder Max. Pushing force kN 160
Max. Pulling force kN 180
Max. stroke mm 5000
Main winch Max. pulling force kN 180
Max. single-rope speed m/min 65
Diameter of the steel wire rope mm 180
Auxiliary winch Max. pulling force kN 50
Max. single-rope speed m/min 70
Diameter of the steel wire rope mm 16
Rotary table slewing angle ° 360
Traveling Max. traveling speed of the overall unit km/h 1.5
Max. climbable gradient of the overall unit % 35
Crawler Width of crawler plate mm 700
External width of crawler (min.-max.) mm 2960~4200
Center distance between two longitudinal wheels of crawler mm 4270
Average ground pressure kPa 94
XCMG XR220DII Rotary Drilling Rig
Engine Engine Brand / CUMINS
Engine Type / QSL-325
Rated Power kW 242
Rotary Drive Max output torque kN . m 220
Rotary speed r/min 7 ~ 22
Max Drilling Diameter mm 2000
Max Drilling Depth m 67, (special 80)
Pull-Down Cylinder Max pull-down piston push kN 200
Max pull-down piston pull kN 200
Max pull-down piston stroke m 5
Crowd Winch Max pull-down piston push kN 250
Max pull-down piston pull kN 250
Max pull-down piston stroke kN 15
Main Winch Max Pulling force kN 230
Max line speed m/min 70
Auxiliary Winch Max Pulling force kN 80
Max line speed m/min 60
Mast Rake Side / ± 40
Forwards / ± 50
Backwards / ± 150
Undercarrige Max traveling speed km/h 1.5
Max grade ability % 35
Min Clearance mm 446
Track shoe width mm 800
Distance between tracks mm 3250 ~ 4400
Hydraulic System Working pressure Mpa 35
Overall Drilling Weight / t 70
Dimension Working condition mm 10260 x 4400 x 22619
Transportation condition mm 16355 x 3250 x 3510