60246394KSYB80 triangle type (GT80)

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Part Number: 60246394KSYB80 Part name: triangle type (GT80) Brand: Sany Total weight: 760kg Hydraulic oil flow: 145-180 l/min Strike frequency: 360-460bpm Strike force: 3985-4200j Drill rod diameter: 135mm/5.31inch Equipped with vehicle weight: 18-26t Applicable models: Sany excavator SY195 SY205 SY215 SY225

product performance

  • Great crackdown power can improve customer work efficiency and reduce production costs.
  • High -quality and high stability.
  • The raw material is high -quality forged steel. The cylinder body is treated with two heat treatment, which greatly increases the strength of the cylinder body; the piston heat treatment is treated with deep cold treatment, which greatly increases its ability to resist destruction.
  • Adopt advanced machine processing equipment and advanced processing technology to ensure the processing quality of important components.
  • The cylinder grinding uses Japan's most advanced CNC roco mill to ensure the grinding quality of the middle cylinder, which greatly reduces the risk of strain of the cylinder body during the work process.
  • Important parts are tested after being grinded by triple coordinates, and then assembled after all passing. All the hosts after assembly are completed.
  • The interior adopts a double oil return structure, which effectively reduces the temperature of the hydraulic oil and slows the aging speed of the oil seal.
  • Using a large flow direction valve to ensure the flow of hydraulic oil during the working process of the broken device.
  • The shell is a wear -resistant shell of the mine. The important parts of the steel plate with strong wear resistance are used. 8 high -strength shell bolt structures are used.
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